KRD or National Debt Register – can this organization be nice? Probably not. We could say that it is quite the opposite, and we associate the National Debt Register only negatively. It cannot be denied that it was through this institution that many Poles did not get a loan or finalized the purchase of furniture, household appliances or a new installment car .

However, information on debtors is only one side of the medal of the National Debt Register. It is worth noting that there is another side to it. Well, many entrepreneurs thanks to the KRD activity received a refund of receivables unpaid by debtors. What is the issue of debt collection in this company?

Cooperation with the National Debt Register

Let’s start with the fact that the National Debt Register is not a public benefit company, but an ordinary private entity, which, however, operates on the basis of a special contract. How is it possible, however, that he is conducting a debt collection process, if he cannot carry it out himself, and uses an external company for this? Well, we’re not talking about literal recovery here.

In principle, debt collection activities, if we can call them such here at all, take the form of intimidation. Well, this company usually sends debtors reminders that contain information about entering the company on the list of debtors. Although it seems unbelievable, such information often works for companies, and these regulate their overdue and current receivables.

To start cooperating with the National Debt Register

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We must first sign a contract with him. What is worth emphasizing, the minimum time for which it is signed is a period of 12 months. Of course, if after a year of cooperation with KRD we are satisfied there will be no problem with continuing to work with the company.

Let us emphasize here that when signing an agreement with the National Debt Register, we are forced to pay a subscription in a monthly format. Its amount depends on what scope of services we include in the contract with KRD.

Current and past due receivables

Current and past due receivables

By deciding to cooperate with KRD, we can count on the recovery of receivables that arose a few years ago, which have already been written off, as well as those present. In the case of the latter, an important role is played by a stamp informing about cooperation with the NDS, which we can supplement invoices, bills and other similar documents.

As it turns out, information that in the event of arrears in payment information about the debt will be forwarded to the National Debt Register acts on mobilizing companies and they pay invoices on time.

If, on the other hand, the company avoids payment, then if we have included such a package in the contract, full enforcement proceedings are initiated, which are aimed at paying them off with any additional fees.

Debtor entries

Debtor entries

The service at KRD also includes the option of entering debtors into the register at KRD, as well as checking information on specific companies with which we intend to start cooperation. We will find there their exact history and possible information about whether in the past they had problems with making payments to contractors.

What is new is the call for payment Plus, which allows you to recover your money without incurring any costs. These will then fall on the debtor , who will have to pay additional costs in addition to the amount due to the contractor.


Companies such as the National Debt Register arouse much controversy and it is no different in this case. However, we are not talking about the fact that this company is seen in a negative light by debtors, and a positive one by contractors who decided to cooperate with it. The case is much more complicated here, because, as it turns out, many companies that have decided to sign contracts with the National Debt Register, do not hide that the operation of this company is far from professional, if at all a bit of professionalism can be mentioned here.

The victims say that the company is pulling companies into subscription and is doing nothing to recover their debts. A great example is the situation of one of the clients who had a problem with the debtor and after many calls from KRD she decided to sign a contract in the hope that she would be able to place an entry about her unreliable client who belonged to the “Reliable Company” program.Yes, he was in this program, but so what, as soon as in four years he has already received nine other negative entries. What is the point of adding another? How is it possible that he continued to work under the patronage of the “Reliable Company” program? It seems that there are many more questions than answers, and the National Debt Register should be approached with caution. Certainly, this company has helped many clients, although those who feel cheated by it are also not anonymous people and speak loudly about the harm that they faced on the part of this entity.

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